MATINE studio


Our brand's driving philosophy is one of simplicity and minimalism, while embracing the imperfect and natural. MATINE represents a paradox of sorts, like so many of our customers. We strive for clarity, we are drawn to exacting modernity and we want to eliminate excess. Yet we produce our goods with our own hands, using natural materials like animal hides, scars and all. MATINE is minimalism reimagined in the context of reality; simplicity that celebrates the inherent messiness of life.



MATINE goods are responsibly produced in the United States. All products are crafted by hand in our Washington, D.C. studio or manufactured in small batches in Portland, OR.



Hi there, I'm so glad you've found us! 

I designed the first MATINE collection in 2012, with a few pieces of leather and my home sewing machine. I was working full-time in design consulting (digital design, that is), but as a lifelong maker, former art student, and generally restless creative, I decided that I had ideas and those ideas needed to get out into the world as soon as possible. I recruited some friends to model and photograph our first lookbook and voila—MATINE was born.

Over the years, the brand has grown, we've expanded our manufacturing, our products are carried in shops all over the world and we've started our own series of pop-up stores around D.C. But what always stays the same is a commitment to hand-crafted products, a simple but special aesthetic and an excitement for our customers and collaborators: cool women, doing cool things every single day. I'm so happy we get to join you, even in the smallest ways. 

- Carolyn Misterek


Interested in joining our team? We're always looking for new talent in the D.C. area. Right now we are seeking:

+ INTERN - Washington, D.C.

+ COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT - Part-time, flexible. Can be remote or local to D.C.
The communications assistant will help with tasks ranging from website and email copy to social media and email management.

If you think you'd be a good fit, please email and introduce yourself.