Growing this brand responsibly has always been my number one priority. (Well, I guess really a close number two, behind serving you, our lovely customers.)
That means the questions that fashion businesses often face as they scale have never really been questions to me—Of course we’ll manufacture here in the US. Of course we’ll source our leathers as locally and sustainably as we can.
But over and over again, we find that doing things the *right* way is rarely the easy way. Or rather—the most cost effective way. So as the price of production and materials in the US continues to rise, we are confronted by the value of our values. Do we bail on the mission? Cut some corners? Or do we choose creativity, to rethink the way things are done?
I’ve always believed there is a path forward that allows us to do what feels right for everyone—Where we get to create an unusually beautiful bag, while staying true to our values, and you get to make a purchase you feel great about all the way around.
Well I’m so happy to announce that we’ve found the path. Moving forward we’ve decided to remove the wholesale channel of our business—and the traditional markups that go with it.
Available on our site right now, you’ll find all of your favorite bags, as always, proudly made in New York, with new prices we hope you’ll love just as much.

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