I am so pleased to announce the release of MATINE’s bestselling CAPUCINE daypack in a new, natural vegetable-tanned leather.

When I thought about how to announce this release, I went back to why we choose to work with this unique leather in the first place. Those reasons are tied wholly and completely to its nakedness.

No dyes, no finishes, no harsh chemicals. Just naked leather.
Chosen for its beauty now, of course, but also for all its forms of expression over time.
What might appear pristine quickly transforms into a reflection of the wearer—their movements, their fingerprints, their time in the sun, their life.
These thoughts led me to the nude portraits I’ve long admired by the (very) talented artist Lisa Luck. Her quick-paced work is an equally beautiful commentary of the passage of time. As soon as a painting is finished—in fact, while it’s still in progress—the subject has already changed, rearranged, the sun has moved. Her work celebrates and expresses that experience, rather than trying to protect a pristine facade.

It is my delight to have collaborated with Lisa on an exclusive series of nude paintings to celebrate the launch of this naked leather.

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