When Mike and I moved to DC a couple of years ago, I decided to keep MATINE in-house—literally—and turned our spare room into a studio. It was great and convenient and terrible and convenient. If you've ever worked from home you know what a bittersweet arrangement it is. You never really get away from your work and you feel like you never really get out of the house either. Earlier this year I made the decision to take up a studio outside of the house and found the perfect space surrounded by other creative women in Old Town Alexandria. I've been sharing a studio at the Studios at 112 South Patrick since Spring, but in a short six months MATINE has grown like crazy. The little accessories label that could. I quit my day job. I brought in extra help. It's all going better than expected, but the charming little studio is now feeling just a bit too little for everything that's happening. 

Earlier this year an opportunity came up to take part in a new studio space opening in DC proper, a short bike ride away from our house. With more desperately needed space and a shorter commute, it was the definition of a no-brainer. So I made the decision once again to relocate MATINE. At the end of October we'll be moving the studio back inside the district. I'm thrilled for all the potential of the new space and to have room to grow in all the ways I have planned for 2015. 

With that there may be some slight interruptions to production and shipping for the few days that we're moving and getting settled in the new space. If there is any major impact on an order I will be sure to let you know, but I'm hoping to keep this as painless as possible. 

Thanks as always for supporting MATINE and for bearing with us as we transition into the next exciting chapter!



Carolyn Misterek