I'm so happy to introduce you to VOLUMES, a new series of very limited edition designs we'll be releasing periodically over the next few months. 

Since I started MATINE back in 2012 I've been collecting leather. A LOT of leather. Sometimes it's with the intention of using it on a particular design and sometimes it's a little bit of a leap, without really knowing what we might use it for. Over the years, not surprisingly, the hides have piled up faster than I've been able to use them. I've always had thoughts of a capsule collection of sorts, but never any real sense of urgency to get started. Well, that urgency arrived this spring when I signed the lease on a new studio and decided that this collection can not continue to eat up our precious real estate any longer. 

So, next week we'll be launching VOLUMES. Each volume will be a very, very limited edition design (we're talking a handful or fewer), released periodically on the site. We'll be using a ton of beautiful leathers that have never been seen in the collection and experimenting with lots of new designs. I'm looking forward to this not only as a little design playground for myself, but also to give our customers the chance to collect some almost completely unique pieces.

I hope you'll enjoy the project, and I can't wait to share VOLUME i with you next week.


Carolyn MisterekVOLUMES