Our new British Tan colorway is here! It seemed fitting to launch this new addition to the collection so close to Earth Day as it will be helping us reduce pounds and pounds and pounds of potential waste here in the studio. Here's how... 

When we cut our natural veg-tanned leather pieces, a LOT of leather ends up in the scrap pile due to markings, scars, stretch marks or other imperfections. Of course we allow some of these natural variations into the final pieces, but if a mark is too large or dark we just can't use it. After several years of working with this leather, you can imagine the scrap pile got a little (a lot) out of control. So rather than let them end up in the trash we hand-dyed and repurposed them in some of our favorite silhouettes (six styles are now available in the shop!). The hand-dying process means each piece is completely unique and full of depth. We use an eco-friendly water-based dye that really let's the characteristics of the underlying leather shine through. 

We hope you'll enjoy the new color and thank you in advance for helping us make use of as much of this beautiful natural material as possible!

Carolyn Misterek