After several months of work, the MATINE Kickstarter campaign is finally live! We're raising funds for our first run of factory-produced bags. It's a big step for this little business and I'm so thrilled that we've found Spooltown, a women-owned, American manufacturer to work with. Most of our styles will still be handmade here in the studio, but moving some of the more complex designs to the factory will free up so much time for other efforts in design and growing the brand. (Not to mention, cutting down on the wait time for your orders placed here on the site!)

Kickstarter is an all or nothing effort, so if you're able, any contribution toward our goal would be greatly appreciated, or even just sharing the link with a friend or two (or 100). As a thank you for backers, I've added a whole bunch of rewards, several of which are new colorways available through the campaign before they will launch in the shop.

I hope you'll consider backing the campaign, and if so, thank you so, so much!


Carolyn Misterek