If you haven't seen, new things are now in the shop! I'm pretty happy about this collection and thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces here with a little more detail. Perhaps my favorite new design is the Laird Everytote. This little wonder is part tote, part shoulder bag, part backpack and it's available in the usual cream pebble leather and a new twist in slate gray suede. Two removable straps allow you to create the tote you need each day, for each situation. (I've been carrying it as a diaper bag backpack lately and it's a game changer.) 

Another new favorite is the Elin Grand Tote. This is the kind of oversized bag that makes a really striking silhouette on the shoulder. And since I know we all have different preferences when it comes to strap length, I added handles that adjust to three different lengths. The extra strap length and button studs face the interior of the bag to preserve that clean exterior look. So all you see is the beauty of this soft milled veg-tanned leather and a hint of brass hardware at the handles.


Earlier this year I started a project called VOLUMES (which will be starting up again soon!) to use up one-off leather pieces I have collected over time. One of the pieces was this great hobo tote made with some leftover veg-tanned leather that had already been exposed to the sun and started to patina. I loved the style so much I decided to bring it into the collection this fall. The Jones Market Tote is a big hobo style, made from the same leather (though it's fresh and waiting to be broken in by you!). It makes so many interesting shapes depending on how you carry it, I just love it. 


And lastly for now, the Marin tote. This is another one that makes a great graphic silhouette. It's a super slim portfolio style, ideal for hauling your laptop around. And I think the matte black adds to the tidy vibe—the perfect understated but special accessory for a day at the office.

Carolyn Misterek