Designing and making accessories, it has always been our goal to create products that allow women (and men) to express themselves. So it's incredibly rewarding to see how different people can see the same bag and interpret it in completely different ways. That's the beauty of our brand of simplicity, it becomes universal—a blank canvas on which to express your thoughts, your creativity and your style.

With that in mind we thought it would be fun to start a new series featuring some of our favorite fashion influencers styling the same bag in a way that speaks to them and their unique perspectives. First up is the Matte Black Tilly Baguette, styled entirely by women we admire right here in D.C.—and we LOVE how these turned out. Check out the looks each lady put together below; we hope they give you a little inspiration as the seasons change (and let's hear it for jacket weather!).

Happy styling!

                                                                      Photo Credit: Maleknaz Freidouni Sedeh

                                                                    Photo Credit: Maleknaz Freidouni Sedeh

Carolyn Misterek