My pet project for the season is finally ready to share. I'd love to introduce you to the summer capsule, a mini collection (five new pieces) available just for the summer, and only through our website. 


Maybe you're familiar with the way fashion seasons operate, but if you're not let me tell you—everything is always done very far in advance. Right now, for instance, I'm working on the Spring/Summer 17 collection in order to have it photographed, lookbooks printed and samples made in time for trade shows in September. When we finally get around to rolling out the collection next year, my head will already be another year off into the future and it will have been so long since I designed the collection and took the photographs that I might not even remember what we made. There's a disconnect there that I don't love, so I decided to do something more immediate and share some new ideas with you before we get to fall. Plus I'm impatient and I generally hate any sort of wait. Give me new things!

I set out with the idea in mind to create a small set of pieces that could take you through all the classic summer scenarios: beach days, running around the farmer's market, drinks on a patio with your girlfriends, attending a wedding, maybe chasing your kids at the park and hopefully a vacation or two thrown in there as well. That's where I began, and here is where I ended up...


The Nier Backpack.

This backpack makes me so, so happy. The veg-tanned leather is some of the softest I've ever felt (and incidentally this is what we're making all of the Jones totes with now too). I worked so hard to simplify the design and I'm delighted with how it turned out. It's a treat to look at and a treat to carry. Probably because it is incredibly lightweight. (This is an important factor when you think about walking through the streets of D.C. in the middle of August.) I tested it out on a recent trip, and have been carrying it to work with me almost daily since without complaint. And, as always, this leather is going to get better and better with time—by the end of this summer, you might have a completely different bag.


The Knot Clutch.

It's been a while since I designed a new clutch. I don't know why that is, but this season I felt the urge to simplify. I went very simple at first but decided that we needed something interesting, some striking detail. The result was this little sculptural knot—in and of itself is so lovely, a tiny piece of art. I thought about adding a knot closure, similar to the design of the waist pack (see below), but then I realized you would drive yourself nuts making it perfect every time, plus tying and untying when you just want to check your texts. So in the end it is the closure of the bag, but not in the way you might think—the flap of the clutch tucks behind the knot, which stays secured to the front. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

The Irish Linen Jones Tote.

This tote has become a favorite, of mine and of yours. For a long time I've had visions of a linen bag, and when I thought about the purpose (beaches, lawn parties, farmers markets) and the silhouette (perfectly slouchy linen), I realized that the Jones was already here and perfect for the task. The exterior and lining are 100% Irish linen, pre-washed for softness, while a cotton canvas middle layer adds invisible support and structure. A zip pocket was necessary for keeping track of phones and keys in the sand. Don't be afraid to wear this one in and carry it on all your summer adventures, it only gets better with use.

The Terre Waist Pack.

Simple and structural, with an organic touch in the tie of your adjustable knot. This little pouch feels self-explanatory. It is unfussy yet completely lovely, perfect for a hands-free day, running errands, biking around town or exploring a new city on a summer trip.

The Clough Purse.

This season is all about simplicity with interest. Summer is not a time for heavy, complicated things and the Clough purse is as easygoing as it gets. There is a subtle contrast between the white and natural leathers used, and it's a contrast that will increase over time as the veg-tanned natural side takes on a patina and is exposed to the sun. Carry this as a simple tote or fold it over for a soft, slouchy clutch—this bag makes endless great shapes.


Carolyn Misterek