Introducing CREATING/CONVERSATIONS, a new discussion series we'll be hosting periodically in the MATINE studio (with furniture, of course!). When we moved into the new space I knew immediately that I wanted to find ways to open our doors to the local creative community, but I wasn't sure what the right format was. After attending so many conferences and talks and panels over the years I realized that I actually find the most inspiration in those small circles of conversation that develop during coffee breaks and intermissions. The times when you get to really connect with people, talk about the topic at hand and maybe even chat with a guest speaker one on one. So that's what we're going to create!

Each conversation (monthly-ish) will feature a guest co-host and we'll offer limited seating so the dialogue can remain rich and personal. We'll center our talks on a theme and ask each other questions, share ideas, get inspired and drink lots of coffee.

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that CREATING/CONVERSATIONS 01: The Multi-Taskers is going down on Wednesday, August 3rd from 8-9:30 a.m. and Torie Partridge of Cherry Blossom Creative will be joining me on the couch! We'll spend the morning hanging here in the studio, enjoying breakfast from From the Farmer and chatting multi-tasking in business (Torie happens to be a master at it). As creatives, it's in our nature to constantly generate and explore new ideas. But when you already have a primary business offering or creative practice, how do you manage the urge to do All The Things? How do you add new direction/s to your business while keeping things cohesive? These are the questions I'll be bringing to the event, but we'll let the conversation flow wherever you take it. Grab your ticket here, and I hope to see you for an inspiring morning August 3rd!

Carolyn Misterek