Tickets are now available for Creating/Conversations 02: Let's talk about balance. 

This is a topic that always feels relevant but I'm especially excited to dive in before we head into the notoriously crazy holiday season. As creatives, many of us run our own business(es) either full-time or part-time in addition to other jobs. We're traveling and raising families and keeping up relationships, and then maybe we're trying to take care of ourselves. In short: we're all stretched thin, so how does one find balance between productivity and hustle, and family, friends and critical personal time? Is it even possible? And how do you think that balance—or lack thereof—affects your personal creativity? What kinds of tricks and tools have you found helpful in striking that elusive balance? These are just some of the questions I'll be bringing to the table.

For this talk, I'm delighted to welcome co-host Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something. Rebecca wears many hats. She's a stylist, event designer, creative director and blogger who manages to do all of this (very well) while also raising a young family. As part of her signature event series, A Daily Gathering, Rebecca also curates and hosts beautiful retreats where creatives come together to slow down, learn, reflect and connect—essentially dream weekends that celebrate the 'life' side of work/life balance. I'm so excited to sit down hear her take on finding balance, and of course, learning from all of you! 

*Seating is very limited so we can keep the conversation rich and personal, be sure to reserve your spot here soon.

Carolyn Misterek