By now I hope you've had a chance to explore our latest lookbook and see the new pieces in the Spring—Summer 17 collection. We always have a lot of questions about the leathers, as well as the new shapes and functionality. So to really give a proper introduction, I'd love to walk you through the new materials we're introducing (and next week I'll be back with part 02 to talk about a little bit about the new silhouettes).  

For this season we sourced a wide variety of new hides in suede, nubuck, vegetable-tanned and hair-on styles. The color palette was important in bringing the collection to life, but maybe even more so are the tetxures. See for yourself...



This hide is a showstopper. It comes from a tannery nearby in Pennsylvania (along with our natural veg-tan, by the way) and custom finished with a smooth dyed backside (this means no shedding or fuzzies for our unlined bags). The smooth waxy finish is unbelievable and we're using a weight that really stands up to our structured silhouettes.



Our suede collection is expanding. This material has such a rich texture and the dye is so saturated it's hard not to love. This season we have two new colors in the mix--this bright persimmon is a perfect orange-y gold we're mixing with soft blush. 



I discovered these nubuck hides last year and it's safe to say I'm in love (with plans to add more to the collection soon). This material has some of my favorite characteristics to design with: an interesting matte finish, lightweight (yet sturdy), and beautiful colors. If you've ever felt our oil-tanned leathers, this reminds me a lot of them, only lighter and without any residue. 



Our newest hair-on hide is this lovely subtle white and tan we're calling Wheat. The natural spots and patterning make each clutch totally unique. (Also worth noting, while this is a light colorway, hair-on leather is also incredibly durable and stain-resistant.) 

Carolyn Misterek