Our Summer capsule collection is here! These mini projects are some of my favorites, a little break in the year to experiment and play with new ideas, and give you guys some fresh pieces to work with in the season ahead (and beyond). As you'll soon see, this summer we're embracing full pastel. When I think of the intensely hot days we'll get here in D.C., I can't imagine carrying a dark, heavy bag. So these pieces are a light, bright option that make me feel a little cooler just by looking at them. (And physically light too—especially the summer purse, a super slim envelope with a crossbody strap, perfect for daily essentials.)

Our natural veg-tan leather is such a perfect neutral and accompaniment for a pop of color, once I started down this path I couldn't resist carrying the motif into each piece. The structured veg-tan holds up to the soft, slouchier nature of the suede accents like a dream. It's also made to change as you carry it. Since it's unfinished, all of your impending sunny days will tan this pale leather quickly. I personally can't wait to see how they look by the end of the summer.

And finally, as for that pop of color, you're welcome to choose your own—each piece is made to order in your choice of rich suede: blush pink, ochre or cypress. This collection is available only through MATINE, and only through the end of the summer.
You can shop all of the pieces here.

Carolyn Misterek