MATINE is based in Washington, D.C., helmed by founder and designer Carolyn Misterek.

Our leather goods are proudly made in New York City. We use American leathers whenever possible and support independent tanneries and suppliers always.


From the Designer

I started MATINE for myself—a series of minimal handbags with interesting details that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I made the first bags by hand in a tiny spare bedroom at the back of my house, and every collection since then has been a pursuit of those details that feel special, simplicity that feels timeless, and quality to last just as long. 

As MATINE grows as a brand, our responsibilities have grown too. Design priorities now aim to reduce environmental impacts, lift up local economies and help our customers consume less, with greater intention. From our origins in minimalism, MATINE has evolved into a season-less collection meant to feel fresh and relevant year after year. These are the bags you’ll reach for again and again.

Our production is guided by this sense of responsibility as well. MATINE handbags are proudly made in New York City, with materials sourced from as nearby as Pennsylvania, where leathers are tanned to order with sustainable techniques and minimal waste. Our tight supply chains lighten the footprint of each bag while supporting independent businesses along the way.

As I continue to design this line for myself, and for the women and customers who inspire me every day, I hope to create a new option for all of us: elevated accessories that also make us feel good about our choices. Finer things, mindfully made.

xx Carolyn