Every detail in the design process and supply chain deserves a close examination. That’s why from tannery to factory to our office, some of our handbags travel no more than 500 miles. It’s why we work with American vegetable-tanned leathers to utilize fewer harsh chemicals. It’s why we intentionally choose to work with skilled artisans here in the U.S. and source our materials from local businesses whenever possible. The lifecycle of our work is always considered in the context of our broader impact.
We believe that money spent is a vote cast for the kind of world we want to live in.
So when selecting partners for production and materials, our priority is premium quality and support for independent businesses—from the leather we use to the hardware that adorns our handbags to the construction of the finished product. We believe in the expertise and craftsmanship of America’s artisans to support our vision for fine quality handbags you’ll love for years to come.
Our design philosophy favors timeless, season-less designs, versatile styling and and heirloom-quality construction. So when you choose a MATINE handbag for your collection, you are choosing to consume less. Incorporate a shoulder strap next season for a new pop of color. Choose a purse that can be carried multiple ways. Care for your piece with our natural, handmade leather cream. Opt for color palettes and silhouettes that will suit your wardrobe today and five years from today. Our priority is always long-term collecting rather than churning out seasonal collections.