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The veg-tan on this clutch has slightly darkened over time with exposure to the sun. Final Sale

The Rich & Strange x MATINE collection is here! Each of these new pieces is made from totally unique, vintage textiles from Guatemala. We've framed the beautiful, vibrant colors and patterns of these materials with classic MATINE leathers and in simple silhouettes. 

Since each piece is made from a unique textile, no two are exactly alike and the one you receive may be slightly different from that pictured. If there are multiple pieces available, they were cut from the same cloth but will still not be exactly the same.

These pouches are cut to fit the specific textile, so each one will be slightly different in dimension. This one is approximately 13" x 7 1/2", it is unlined with a gold toned cream zipper. 

ALSO! Please note that we use only natural cow leather hides. That means small scars, marks, color variations or other imperfections may be visible and vary from piece to piece. We do not consider these defects, but rather additional character in each piece. 

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